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Funny Sex Games Makes You Laugh With A Hard-On

Laughing is just as important for our mental health as having an orgasm regularly. So if we like doing both these things and if they are both good for our mental and physical health, why not do them both at the same time? Maybe because our partners won’t let us watch stand-up comedy when we fuck them. Or maybe because no director is putting out comedy porn just yet. You have to find the perfect way of blending these two things together. And we think we just found it.

It’s called Funny Sex Games, an entire site dedicated to adult games that will make you laugh and cum in the same experience. They have characters and situations that are hilarious. But they also have graphics that were made to appeal to your innermost urges. We have something for you on this site, no matter who you are and what kinks get your cum flowing or squirt splashing. We created this collection in the hope of offering as many people as possible at least a dozen games they would play. This means we covered many niches and sub-niches that might interest you.

Parody Games And XXX Spoofs On Funny Sex Games

Most of the games on our site are parodies. But not just any kind. It’s usually those spoofing characters you wouldn’t normally find that sexy. We’re talking about characters like Teletubies, Thomas the Tank Engine, Tom & Jerry, Dora The Explorer, or Pepa The Pig. We even have a series of games featuring the same kind of graphics as in Minecraft. And you’ll be able to customize them from scratch.

You won’t believe how kinky these games can be, even if the original characters might not have so many sexual features. But the creativity of game developers is endless. They come with redesigns to include some sexual features. And it’s also the situations in which these characters are getting in that will add to the hotness.

Funny Sex Games Has Visual Novels And RPGs

One of the best ways of achieving both a funny and an arousing situation comes in the case of games with lots of text dialogue. That’s because the dialogue interactions through which the plot line is created are not focusing on sexy things too much. Most games use it to create back stories for the characters and sagas for the whole universe. The part that gets your cock up is usually kept for when you unlock an erotic reward through defeating a boss or solving some kind of mini-game. Basically, these funny porn games will make you laugh and cum by alternating comedic situations with erotic ones.

We don’t want to come off as condescending or anything like that. But if you are pretentious about humor and like quality comedy, then it’s the RPG and visual novels where you will find the kind of satisfaction you like. The titles in other genres, especially the short ones and the simulators, base their comedic element on slapstick comedy. And we know how much some people hate that concept. Some of these games weren’t even intended to be this funny at first. It’s all because of the guys coming up with the texts they ended up like that.

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Everything we have on this site is completely free. You won’t have to pay with money and not even with personal information. We don’t gather emails and then use them for marketing purposes. This project has two final goals: to make you laugh and cum. We hope you’ll achieve them both with any game you pick. Browsing the collection is easy. In most cases, we kept the original release name of an upload. But we also give it suggestive thumbnails and synopsis to let you know what you’ll be able to potentially, please. And also, make sure to check out the tags list under every game. We use well-asserted keyword-based tags in every upload. You can even learn new kinks from that list. Funny Sex Game already has plenty of uploads, and we keep them coming weekly. Bookmark our site to never lose the newest titles in this collection.

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